Innovation. Access. Impact.

We enhance transportation options for vulnerable & underserved  communities. 

Innovation. Access. Impact.

We enhance transportation options for vulnerable & underserved  communities. 

About Us


We believe that to solve the global challenges in mobility for vulnerable communities we must use state-of-the-art technology to break through barriers and change the status quo.  The future of transportation will involve autonomous, connected, electric, and shared rides.  Feonix is ready to bring these innovations to solve issues of social justice and health equity.


Your ability to live a healthy life is determined by your access to healthcare, jobs, education, food, housing, and loved ones.   We believe that no matter where you call home, your income, age, or disability should not limit your mobility and quality of life.


 Data is only useful if you apply it, and we bring a data driven, consumer focused approach to everything we do. We understand and respect that if you can't measure impact in some way, shape, or form, you cannot sustain a program in today's economy.  

Locations and Programs


Creating advanced technology to enhance the public transit experience for seniors and  individuals with disabilities.

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Enhancing access to care in partnership with HealthTran in several counties across rural Missouri.

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South Carolina

Powering the AARP Ride@50+ Program deploying Mobility as a Service in Columbia, SC.

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Deploying Mobility as a Service to improve coordination and add additional transportation transportation options in the Coastal Bend.

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Expanding rural transportation programs and enhancing coordination with Mobility as a Service in Winnebago County.

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Deployment Options


Full Service MaaS - Feonix Takes the Wheel

Let Feonix handle all the logistics, support, commuinty engagement, and beyond for this deployment option.  Create a mesh network of multi-modal transportation technology and information for the traveling public, social services, and nonprofits throughout the community. We bring the technology, but also serve as the "integrator" working with transportation providers to join the platform, as well as the marketing and outreach division to notify the public about the service and train community members how to use and trust the system.  Minimum Agreement: $250,000 .

For more information and to set-up a meeting to learn more - please contact Kate Schramm, Director of Partnerships at


Mobility by Design - MaaS DIY

If you are looking for mobility options for your patients, clients, employees, or members we will work with you to create a custom framework of options to meet your community or organization's goals.  Our role is to create solutions that work efficiently and that you can measure the ROI for your community.  Minimum Agreement: $34,000

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Technology Partner: QRyde

 Feonix is proud to partner with QRyde to offer Mobility as a Service technology in our communities. QRyde is an established leader in offering  cloud-based transportation technology solutions for non-emergency medical transportation, public transit, and private transportation providers.  With a HIPAA compliant platform and over 20 years of experience in the industry, they provide the security and experience necessary to serve our diverse community needs ranging in size from 500 to 500,000. 


Focus Areas

Rural Communities


Only 3% of the earth's land surface is covered by cities.  So what about the other 97%?  We understand rural communities are equally as important and deserve the same mobility options afforded to urban areas.  Working with local champions, Feonix supports existing options and creates new transportation programs that fill the gaps.

Medical Care


No matter how good the doctors are, it does not matter if the patient cannot get there.  Investing in transportation as part of your patient care plan will result in between 7 - 300 times return on your investment.  Feonix helps medical facilities to reduce missed appointments and improve patient satisfaction.

Elderly Adults


Driving frequency declines with age, but quality of life should not.  Transportation is a vital link in reducing the impact of social isolation.  Feonix understands and respects that not all seniors use technology the same way, and creates wrap around support services, training, and coaching to provide mobility options just a click, tap, or phone call away.

Individuals with Disabilities


Equal access should apply no matter what your zip code is and not all individuals with a disability need a wheel chair.  Transportation options to get you where and when you want to go should not be cost prohibitive or take an act of God to arrange.  We support individuals and agencies in finding solutions to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities to work, access medical care and live independently.

Employment & Workforce


If you build it, it does not mean your ideal workforce can get there easily.  Industrial parks, large manufacturing facilities, or meat processing plants face challenges recruiting and retaining staff due to transportation barriers.  Feonix works with your HR department to understand the unique needs of your workforce to create common sense mobility options - weather that is van pooling, car sharing, or micro transit - we'll find solutions to get your employees to work and reduce costly absenteeism and turn-over.

Low-Income Individuals & Families


Transportation is fundamental in helping individuals and families in poverty survive and climb ladders of opportunity presented to them.  Access to quality housing, work, day care, drug treatment programs, medical care, family support, and education is not optional if you are serious about making an impact.  We work alongside agencies to create a framework of mobility options that meet the unique needs of your clients.  

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Feonix is a non-profit organization bringing mobility to vulnerable communities globally.

Transform the lives of individuals around the world.  Give to create pathways of opportunity for women, men, and children to be healthy, to pursue careers and education, and to finally access the resources they need to not just live - but thrive.


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