About Us

Our Mission:

Feonix – Mobility Rising creates mobility solutions, technology, educational programs, and global communities around the common goal of transportation for all.   

We provide world class mobility management, accessibility and equal access assurance, training, and technology support in each community partnership and deployment. 

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Feonix is dedicated to supporting mobility for underserved populations, through community-led transportation solutions.


Community Led Transportation

You want your community to thrive. You know dedicated and talented partners who give their all for the benefit of others. But all the services and supports in the world cannot create change when your neighbors do not have access. Gaps in existing transportation systems can create unmet needs, leading to vulnerability for the community. We must create the connections that shrink the distance between need and fulfillment.

With community-led transportation, Feonix works to convene local leaders who understand that transportation is essential to positive health outcomes. We then get to work, transforming your vision into a well-funded reality, powered by dedicated volunteers and drivers who increase the reach of your transportation system.

Together we unite people, ideas, and resources to make sure no one gets left behind on the journey to wellness.

Our Story

How we started:

Established in 2018, Feonix – Mobility Rising strives to be a leader in identifying improved mobility solutions for rural and urban communities. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Feonix has guided local leaders as they develop community-led strategies to address long-term mobility challenges that threaten cherished communities. Rooted in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Feonix helps communities and partners integrate emerging technologies into local transportation ecosystems. 

Where we are now:

Feonix – Mobility Rising can be found supporting local communities across the country as they work to eliminate transportation inequities for their neighbors. We address threats to the social determinants of health (economic stability, education, health-care, housing, social/community context) by ensuring that a lack of transportation does not stand in the way of security across these areas of living.  We are growing through new partnerships and programs. Do you know of an opportunity to improve systemic transportation access in your community? If so, click here to understand how Feonix can advance your progress.

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Volunteer Drivers are an enduring force that alleviates suffering in their community


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Meet the Team

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Our Core Values are Collaborate, Innovate, Empower. We believe that when we work hard, we rise together.

Collaborate: We invite one another into our work when it will strengthen our outcomes. We praise. We question. We polish. We partner with experts and community members because every relationship is an opportunity to advance the cause. 

Innovate: We tweak. We boost. We upgrade. We improve the design. Try new things when they are informed by data, experience, and technology. We believe the best preparation for tomorrow is what we do today. 

Empower: We work hard. We rise together. We know that everyone has the right to be the hero of their own story, and we work to clear the way forward. In health and wellbeing. For the benefit of all.


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