Empowering the Community


At Feonix, we take pride in our ability to solve transportation challenges that are as unique as the communities we serve. With locations spread across the United States and major partners of all shapes and sizes, the Feonix communities paint a stark picture of the breadth and depth of the current transportation challenges. 

Active Communities

Our challenge in Winnebago County is not so much that we don't have transportation providers, it’s that the transportation providers are stretched to their limits and cannot expand their hours and service areas or reduce their rates. I had been looking into mobility solutions for a while when I ran across some information online about Valerie and the transportation work that she was doing. It took a while to get all of the pieces lined up, but, fortunately, we received a grant to kickstart our work. Within just a few weeks of working with Feonix, we had identified employment transportation as the area to tackle first. We joined forces with the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation (GOEDC) and Forward Services and started to build our strategy for getting people to work.


"Feonix not only provided us with the expertise and tools to develop our program, but adapted and grew with us as new challenges arose.  They have been a valuable partner and are at the table working with us to solve some of these problems facing our vulnerable populations that nobody else is willing to take on."

-Nick Musson, Associate Planner - Transportation, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Focus Areas

Rural Communities


Only 3% of the earth's land surface is covered by cities.  So what about the other 97%?  We understand rural communities are equally as important and deserve the same mobility options afforded to urban areas.  Working with local champions, Feonix supports existing options and creates new transportation programs that fill the gaps.

Medical Care


No matter how good the doctors are, it does not matter if the patient cannot get there.  Investing in transportation as part of your patient care plan will result in between 7 - 300 times return on your investment.  Feonix helps medical facilities to reduce missed appointments and improve patient satisfaction.

Elderly Adults


Driving frequency declines with age, but quality of life should not.  Transportation is a vital link in reducing the impact of social isolation.  Feonix understands and respects that not all seniors use technology the same way, and creates wrap around support services, training, and coaching to provide mobility options just a click, tap, or phone call away.

Individuals with Disabilities


Equal access should apply no matter what your zip code is and not all individuals with a disability need a wheel chair.  Transportation options to get you where and when you want to go should not be cost prohibitive or take an act of God to arrange.  We support individuals and agencies in finding solutions to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities to work, access medical care and live independently.

Employment & Workforce


If you build it, it does not mean your ideal workforce can get there easily.  Industrial parks, large manufacturing facilities, or meat processing plants face challenges recruiting and retaining staff due to transportation barriers.  Feonix works with your HR department to understand the unique needs of your workforce to create common sense mobility options - weather that is van pooling, car sharing, or micro transit - we'll find solutions to get your employees to work and reduce costly absenteeism and turn-over.

Low-Income Individuals & Families


Transportation is fundamental in helping individuals and families in poverty survive and climb ladders of opportunity presented to them.  Access to quality housing, work, day care, drug treatment programs, medical care, family support, and education is not optional if you are serious about making an impact.  We work alongside agencies to create a framework of mobility options that meet the unique needs of your clients.  

Our Partners

Partnerships are key for Feonix operations. We recognize that collaboration is the only path to sustainable change, which is why we eagerly partner with other organizations in every Feonix location. From major International non-profits to local social service organizations and government agencies, each partner brings tremendous value to the table. Using our pooled resources from across the country, we are able to draw on expertise in any area needed.