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Join us. Together, we can lift people out of isolation by giving them a lift to the places that provide strength.

Think of all of the resources it takes to be resilient, all of the things you need: food, work, medical care, education, places of worship, friends, and family. For many, the miles between them and their healthiest life are endless. That is where Feonix comes in. 


Donations to Feonix – Mobility Rising make an immediate, local impact on an individual’s life in a real and tangible way. We provide a ride to the interview for the job that will keep the lights on at home.  The ride to the pantry that will keep dinner on the table. The ride to the pharmacy for medication that will keep illness at bay. The ride to social supports that lead to independence.

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At Feonix – Mobility Rising, we shrink the distance between need and solution by providing transportation lifelines to those who are most in need: 

  • The mother rebuilding her life after leaving an abusive relationship.
  • The senior starving in their own home unable to afford a ride to the grocery store. 
  • The refugee overcoming unfathomable challenges to access education. 
  • The young adult working their way out of a disadvantaged start, building their dream day-to-day.

Donate today, change someone’s life today.

We guarantee that 100% of your generous contributions will go towards volunteer mileage reimbursement, public transit, or other necessary transportation for individuals in the communities we serve. 

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