About Mobility by Design

With experience launching mobility programs in more than 450 zip codes and hundreds of communities, Mobility by Design is the best program for leaders who want to:

  • Get Patients to and from the Doctor & Address Transportation Barriers as a Social Determinate of Health
  • Connect Employers with Transportation Options for New Employees in Need, including Individuals with Disabilities
  • Support Seniors to Age in Place, Reduce Isolationism, & Experience a High Quality of Life
  • Provide Transportation to Group Counseling for Individuals Recovering from Drug Addiction
  • Break Down Mobility Barriers for Healthy Food Access & Picking up Prescriptions
  • Build a Thriving Community


What You Get Inside Mobility by Design

Comprehensive Detailed Plan


 Spend 2 days at Feonix Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska and walk away with detailed goals and a 12 month step by step plan for your community. No more guessing, hoping, or spinning your wheels - the MBD team will help you create a plan that is realistic, attainable, and effective in achieving your goals. 

Step by Step Coaching


 Now that you have a plan, we're going to be with you every step of the way.  Finding resources, community partners, funding, training staff, answering questions, and strategizing with you to solve possible road blocks.  Our success is your success and we care about you and your community. 

Technology & Training


 Feonix has a partnership with QRyde to offer a one click, one call ride booking platform at a low cost that you only pay per ride, vs. large up front costs and set-up fees.  Feonix also has a team of "Tech Guru/McGuyvers" that can help set up other technology systems that may already be in place.  

A Supportive Community


Ideas and encouragement when you need it most.  It can be lonely launching a new program, especially when it feels like everything falls on your shoulders.  Mobility by Design has an amazing community of leaders to ask questions, brainstorm, partner, share wins, and celebrate together. 

Time Saving Resources


 Time is your most valuable resource.  MBD Members get exclusive access to time saving resources that can be adapted to meet their own needs and community.  Advertisements for riders, volunteer driver agreements, insurance policy examples, etc. and if we don't have something available, we're always adding to the list.


Get Away from Distractions

To create your plan, the ability to escape the endless calls, texts, and email sunami is key.  We will work with your schedule to find 2 days that you can travel to Lincoln, NE and focus on planning and designing your transportation program.  You will meet each person on our support team, shake hands, and get to know who we are.  Our entire team is dedicated to making sure you are successful. We want to know how we can work together to solve your transportation challenges and no amount of screenshare and video chat can replace that face to face discussion as we get started.


Inside the Mobility "War Room"

Whiteboards, whiteboards, and more whiteboards.  We have an entire room we call the "Mobility War Room" where we will plan, brainstorm, and schedule out each detail of your program for the first year.  With over 100 sq ft. of whiteboard space, candy to keep your blood sugar up, lots of coffee, soda, and an 8 ft erasable calendar - we will not leave the room until you have a plan in place to break through the mobility barriers in your community.  

In this room we fight through decades of the "status quo" of accepting the way things have always been.  We throw out ideas, we hash out political challenges, we high-five genius discoveries, and put random thoughts in the parking lot because Rome wasn't built in a day and we know transportation pilots are always a work in progress.


On-site Professional Videos & Photos

Video is without a doubt one of the most powerful mediums of communicating your message and explaining the goals of your program.  As part of your planning meeting we also will be crafting your video script and film several video vinettes about why the need is in your community, stories of passengers, business leaders, and more. 

We will combine video footage of your team with local video and images of your community to tell the story of the program.  These 2 minute videos save countless hours of explaining and can be used in a variety of presentations and media formats.

The Feonix team will also provide you with onsite professional head shots for your use, including the organization website, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Each week your community will meet and spend an hour with one of Feonix's senior mobility manager's in providing support, brainstorming, coordinating any technical issues, marketing, or call center needs.  Under this program, for six months to a full year each week, Feonix will be working with your organization to ensure your community's success.  We are genuinely committed to supporting mobility enhancement and helping you reach the specific goals you set for your community.


Kate Schramm

Kate Schramm graduated Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) with a B.S. in Biology from the University of South Dakota. Kate specializes in building connections and creating partnerships within communities to create effective change. She has worked for non-profits, educational institutions, religious institutions, and most recently as an Area Manager for Liberty Mobility Now, a rural-focused (MaaS) Mobility as a Service start-up. 

Instituting positive change in her home community has always been a way of life for Kate. She continues to volunteer as a board member for the transit system in her hometown, Yankton Transit. In addition to Yankton Transit, Kate is on the board for Keep Yankton Beautiful and volunteers with United Way LINC and SPARK, Pathways Shelter for the Homeless, the City of Yankton Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Optimist Club. Kate has made it her personal and professional mission to use her desire to serve and ability to lead to put all of the necessary pieces together to remove mobility barriers and create positive mobility solutions in communities around the world.


John Doherty

John has a degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and spent 5 years working in advertising and sales for He is also a veteran and Sargent in the US Air Force. Recently, John was selected by the Air Force Medical Operations Agency and the National Guard Bureau to manage the digitization of separating military member’s service treatment records for the entire Air National Guard. 

Mr. Doherty has also served as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the triage tent in a mobile ER during hurricane Harvey. The leadership skills, as well as unique background John brings to the table will be an invaluable asset to Feonix and our Mobility by Design communities.

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn

Build a Coalition of Local Champions


We will help you find the local stakeholders in your community that will be transportation advocates in helping you reach your goals.  They do exist!

Bigger and Better Fundraising for Your Program


Show me the money! Said every person working to fill in gaps in transportation.  We will help you find grants, sponsors, and design fundraisers to meet your goals.

Develop a Killer Quick Action Strategy


MBD will give you the horsepower needed to get your transportation program off the ground in months, not years. We understand results can't wait.

Grow Your Program and Community Engagement


Every person you help in the community is another person singing your praises.  Nothing spreads quicker than word of mouth.  We will help you expand ridership and impact in your community!

Scale Your Program for Success in the Future


Maybe you started providing rides for employment, and now your local medial facility is interested in using the service.  Feonix will help you expand the program sustainably to serve your community.

Personal Growth and Public Speaking


Managing a pilot program can demand new skills.  We will help you prepare for leading difficult conversations that come up about insurance and even delivering presentations to elected officials.

Technology Partner: QRyde

Feonix is proud to partner with QRyde to offer Mobility as a Service technology in our communities. QRyde is an established leader in offering  cloud-based transportation technology solutions for non-emergency medical transportation, public transit, and private transportation providers.  With a HIPAA compliant platform and over 20 years of experience in the industry, they provide the security and experience necessary to serve our diverse community needs ranging in size from 500 to 500,000. 


MaaS Technology


Online Platform

Book rides from any browser for yourself, loved ones, or a client in less than 30 seconds - view your options and select your trip.


Andriod & iOS App

When you're on the go, download our Feonix MaaS app from the iOS or Android app store and book your ride.


Call Center Platform

They can call us, or they can call you to book their ride.  Set-up your own organization's call center or partner with Feonix to provide support.

Training & Priority Support

Ride Booking Platform


Explore our web-based technology platform and discover how to manage adding new members and users, learning how to update an account, how to associate with new providers, and how to select the correct provider. Become proficient on running and downloading reports, canceling and editing rides, and set specific advanced mobility options for your members such as “wheelchair accessible”  or "door to door support".

Transportation Providers


 Master your rides with our web-based technology. Learn how to add your services and drivers, update your profile, how to run and download reports, how to update individual trip mileage, how to view trip details, and how to change the status of a trip to canceled or no-show all from your computer, tablet or other web-based devices. 

Priority Customer Support


Our team is here to work with your organization to ensure that the technology meets your needs and best serves your community. We guarantee excellent customer service when dealing with technology glitches and will work to ensure the problem is fixed as quickly as possible.

Time Saving Resources



  • Volunteer Driver Agreement
  • Passenger Recruitment Flyer
  • Accident Reporting Form and Policy
  • Agenda Set for Mobility Leadership Circle
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Community Engagement Inventory
  • 5 Question Transportation Needs Assessment



  • Insurance Policies
  • Press Release Templates
  • Volunteer Driver Recruitment Plans
  • Social Media Guides - Facebook & Twitter
  • Driver Interview Questions
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Background Checks
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening



  • We have established relationships with experts at several federal and national agencies that govern and manage transportation and health care programs of all types.  If you have a question we can't answer, we know exactly who to contact to get the information you need.

  • Working with numerous cutting edge innovative programs, we love to brainstorm ideas.  At Feonix, we can run your new ideas and ask our hair-brained questions to other like minded mobility guru's in the trenches deploying ground breaking programs.

Meet the Feonix MBD Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MBD for?

Mobility by Design is for community leaders in the healthcare, transit, or economic development industries dedicated to enhancing local and regional transportation options.

Why focus on small urban and rural communities?

There are tens of thousands of small towns and rural farm communities across the US and around the world that have zero to very limited transportation options.  Local leaders need affordable and effective advice to navigate the labyrinth of programs, policies, and regulations in launching and expanding mobility options for their communities. 

Is MBD good for agencies who haven't ever started a transportation program?

Yes.  We have worked with numerous partners who never had a transportation program before and we helped them build a system from the ground up.

Do most members pay themselves, or do they work with other local partners to offset the cost?

Each community is different.  Some MBD members cover the full cost, others partner with a local United Way, Dept. of Public Health, Chamber of Commerce, Hospital Foundation, or otherwise to split the cost across the programs planning to use the transportation options.

Can I pay annually vs. monthly?

Yes.  If it's easier to write 1 check, you can pay the entire fee at once up-front.  Otherwise, we will bill the set-up fee for the first month and then monthly thereafter.  

Can I cancel anytime I want?

We require a minimum of a 12 month commitment to make sure the program is on a firm foundation and off to a strong start.   After 12 months, you can just switch to a technology only plan and pay per trip if necessary, or scale back to meeting bi-weekly or monthly and reduce your monthly cost.   

I'm busy, do I have to meet weekly with the MBD team?

We strongly recommend weekly meetings with our team for 30-60 minutes - meeting time may vary based upon the objectives.  We sincerely care about your success and want to ensure we're doing all we can to help you move the bar forward and get rides going moving your patients or clients.

Are travel expenses covered? How many members of my community can come?

When you visit Lincoln for the planning session, you will need to cover your own travel costs.  We are happy to make recommendations and suggestions for hotels and flights.  The average flight into Omaha or Lincoln, NE from about anywhere in the US is between $450 - $600 and hotels range in price from $80 to $225 night depending on preference.

Ideally, we like to see at least 1 to 3 members of the key operations involved in the new/expansion of the transportation program attend the planning session.  We're going to get into the weeds and good planning makes for even better implimentation. 

Do I have to come to Lincoln, NE?

We do encourage each new MBD community to come to Lincoln, but if you cannot get away we get that too and if you have a planning committee already established, sometimes it does work best if we come to you!  Feonix can come to your office and we just request you cover the modest cost of travel expenses for 2 staff members and provide a conference room space for the meeting.