Michigan Mobility Challenge Grant


Funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation, Feonix will be working with TheRide Public Transit in Ann Arbor Michigan to design technology and training for people with hearing and visual impairments  to enhance their transit experience. Accommodating access to real-time information will aid individuals with auditory and sight challenges to receive on-demand schedule updates, know when the bus is arriving, and be able to get on the correct route going in the desired direction to get to their destination.



In partnership with What3Words and SUMA we are designing an app: Feonix-Connect, which will enable passengers on fixed route transit systems to navigate the bus routes and identify the exact location (within 10 feet) of the pick-up and drop-off points for the bus stops.

For demand response public transit services, the Feonix-Connect app technology will be created to allow the passenger to communicate to dispatch and the bus driver, exactly where they are - ready for pick-up.  This will enhance not only the experience for passengers but reduce stress on the bus driver and passenger and improve operational performance for the transit system, by reducing time required trying to locate passengers in large shopping malls, housing complexes, or medical facilities.



Understanding that no matter how much technology you have, the passenger experience with the bus drivers and dispatchers is the most critical.  Feonix is working with local, state, and federal experts to design a 3.5 hour online training program for transit professionals on understanding visible and invisible disabilities as well as best practices in customer service.  

A half-day immersive training workshop will also be developed for bus drivers and dispatchers to participate in hands on activities understanding the challenges for hearing, visual, or other mobility impaired passengers navigating the transit system.  Men and women with disabilities who use transit on a regular basis will be educating training participants through small group workshops and simulated experiences.

Our Partners

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority

TheRide Ann Arbor Public Transit



Michigan Dept. of Transportation


We are honored to be partnering with What3Words to reduce a number of the first and last mile challenges in transit associated with finding the bus stop and locating the passenger.  What3Words technology is also used by the AccessibleOlli to navigate to exact locations.  Feonix also understands the potential for this technology in ehnacing rural address locations for locating passenger residence locations off the "google maps" grid.


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