One Stop Shop Solution

Every small urban and rural community faces gaps in transportation. Some gaps in service are based on time of day, accessibility needs, or zip code.  Others face massive challenges because no services are available at all - not a single bus, Lyft, or taxi within 50 miles.

Mobility by Design (MBD) is here to help you and your community fill these gaps with affordable, community based, sustainable transportation options by combining state-of-the-art technology, insurance, fundraising, and outreach all into a one stop shop solution.  

Best of all, MBD is designed to solve specifically rural and small urban transportation barriers.  In many communities that we work transportation has been identified as a top 1, 2, or 3 need for years, in some cases even decades, and we work alongside community leaders step by step to solve your transportation challenges.  It does not happen overnight.  It does not happen without effort and community support.  But together, one ride at a time, we break down these barriers - changing lives, reducing costs, and improving outcomes.

Introducing Mobility by Design

Mobility by Design is the most effective, affordable, and sustainable way to launch new or expand existing mobility options in your community.

MBD is here to be your guide and support you.

No more lining up medical care or the perfect job for someone, only to find out they have no way to get there or get home.  No more hours of frustration in committee meetings that feel like the movie Groundhog Day.  No more scouring hundreds of websites reviewing transportation regulations and policies just to end up at a bunch of dead ends, terminology that might as well be written with Swahili, and questions that no one has the answer to.  

Together, we can remove barriers in access to care, employment, and beyond.


What You Get Inside Mobility by Design

Comprehensive Detailed Plan

Comprehensive Detailed Plan

Comprehensive Detailed Plan


 Spend 2 days at Feonix Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska and walk away with detailed goals and a step by step plan for your community the next 12 months.  No more guessing, hoping, or spinning your wheels - the MBD team will help you create a plan that is realistic, attainable, and effective in achieving your goals. 

Step by Step Coaching

Comprehensive Detailed Plan

Comprehensive Detailed Plan


 Now that you have a plan, we're going to be with you every step of the way.  Finding resources, community partners, funding, training staff, answering questions, and strategizing with you to solve possible road blocks.  Our success is your success and we care about you and your community.

Technology & Training

Comprehensive Detailed Plan

A Supportive Community


 Feonix has a partnership with QRyde to offer a one click, one call ride booking platform at a low cost that you only pay per ride, vs. large up front costs and set-up fees.  Feonix also has a team of "Tech Guru/McGuyvers" that can help set up other technology systems that may already be in place.  

A Supportive Community

A Supportive Community

A Supportive Community


Ideas and encouragement when you need it most.  It can be lonely launching a new program, especially when it feels like everything falls on your shoulders.  Mobility by Design has an amazing community of leaders to ask questions, brainstorm, partner, share wins, and celebrate together. 

Time Saving Resources

A Supportive Community

Time Saving Resources


 Time is your most valuable resource.  MBD Members get exclusive access to time saving resources that can be adapted to meet their own needs and community.  Advertisements for riders, volunteer driver agreements, insurance policy examples, etc. and if we don't have something available, we're always adding to the list.

How is this different from consulting or software services?


1) Action Oriented

You don't need another research study or widget, you need rides for your patients or clients, and you needed them like yesterday.  Our plans are designed to get rides happening in your community as quickly as humanly possible.  We know and respect that every ride matters.  You need results and not another survey.


2) Warm and Supportive Community

In our community space, Mobility Designers, you are never alone.  You will post something and someone who had a similar experience or faced a similar challenge will respond with sound advice and words of encouragement.  From transit providers to social workers to economic development professionals connections are made which can result in collaborations.


3) Responsive and Member Driven

The Mobility by Design program is truly a transportation think tank.  We experiment, we listen, iterate, and respond.  Each community is unique, and different challenges require different solutions.  Feonix designed the MBD program to build a wealth of resources and training materials to fit the needs of our members. 


4) Our Lineup of Experts

We will regularly bring in 5-star experts in fundraising, getting press on the cheap, legal, management, self-care, finance, leadership, event planning and more.  We also bring in state and federal experts on policy and regulations so that as you have questions and the mobility space continues to evolve, you have up to date information straight from the source.  


5) Our Kind and Attentive MBD Team

The MBD team participates daily with our members and acts as your advocate and champion.  New funding opportunity?  News article of interest?  Recent Journal Article on a hot topic?  We are dedicated to your success.  And if we don't have it, we will work hard to get it for you.


6) Authenticity, Humor, Accessibility

There are lots of resources out there, for sure.  But while instructive, they also are full of gaps in the information needed to actually impliment the plan.  Mobility innovation is messy, so we need to be real, authentic and genuine!  We work to keep your spirits up with joy and humor.

A Note from Valerie Lefler

In my work with hundreds of non-profits and transit agencies across America, and through my own experience launching mobility services as a tech start-up and now at Feonix, I've seen first hand the challenges that leaders like you face every day.

I've created the Mobility by Design program because I wanted to fill a gap - especially for medical and economic development professionals in small urban and rural communities that need affordable mobility solutions, advice, suggestions, and most of all results.

Learn more about Valerie...