Mobility By Design

Program Overview

The opposite of “One Size Fits All”, the Mobility by Design program is an innovation that Feonix has developed based upon their team's years of experience working on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Feonix recognizes that Mobility as a Service is a universal need, but the communities that deploy Mobility as a Service are far from having universal characteristics.

With Mobility by Design, the Feonix team meets communities where they are and helps break apart the essential components of a MaaS operation. By leading a community through the process of developing MaaS, Feonix ensures that local considerations are at the forefront and helps trim the financial investment to only essential expenditures for each community.   In this way, Mobility by Design truly is mobility for all.


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Summer 2019 Program Components


Prepwork: Community Inventory & Defining the Need - July 16 & 18

Before attending the Masterclass, participants will need to have completed a Community Inventory which includes a listing of  the transportation services in the community, the healthcare facilities, the independent, assisted living, and nursing facilities, the non-profits, the foundations, the churches, and any other organizations with a vested interest in transportation. The second planning component is a determination of the greatest transportation needs in the community, using the needs assessment survey provided by Feonix. Participants will learn more about these planning components in the first two workshops of the online workshop series.

MaaS Masterclass: Hands On In-depth Education & Set-up - July 23 - 25

To get your community’s MaaS program off to the best start, the Mobility by Design program incorporates a 4 day in-person MaaS Masterclass in Feonix’s hometown of Lincoln, NE. The Masterclass allows the Feonix team to delve deeper into some of the major MaaS topics and gives participants the unique opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas about mobility solutions with individuals from around the world.

Workshops: Online Enhanced Education - July 30 - August 1

The Mobility by Design program uses online workshops to deliver special topics content and conduct collaborative online discussions. Through a series of online workshops, participants will complete a step by step journey into the depths of Mobility as a Service. The workshops are 90 minutes each (45 minutes of content and 45 minutes for discussion and Q&A) and cover the basic tenants of a successful Mobility as a Service operation while allowing for community-specific implementation.

Weekly Coaching: Consulting & Community Engagement

Mobility is a team effort. It takes a local team of dedicated individuals to start MaaS. It takes a team of transportation providers to get people where they need to go. It takes a team of people to recruit volunteers when needed, and it takes a team to provide ongoing support and advocacy. Once the workshops are complete and the the MaaS Masterclass has ended, Feonix will still be here for you through dedicated Mobility Coaches with expertise in Mobility as a Service and personal experience in building Mobility as a Service operations in their own communities

MaaS Technology Available

Feonix is proud to partner with QRyde to offer Mobility as a Service technology in our communities. QRyde is an established leader in offering  cloud-based transportation technology solutions for non-emergency medical transportation, public transit, and private transportation providers.  With a HIPAA compliant platform and over 20 years of experience in the industry, they provide the security and experience necessary to serve our diverse community needs ranging in size from 500 to 500,000. Using the QRyde system, all available transportation providers for a trip within a community appear in one place, making it easy to see the transportation options and compare pricing before selecting a provider to fulfill the trip.   You are not required to use QRyde's technology if you already have a technology platform in place or are still considering your options.  Technology is a tool and this program is set up to help you be successful regardless of which software program you use.

Training & Priority Technical Support: Scheduled & On-Demand

Each week, the Feonix Training Team will provide a QRyde (technology) training webinar on each of the following topics: Communities, Providers, Volunteer Drivers, and Riders. The webinars will be 45 minutes in length- 30 minutes of Feonix training and 15 minutes for Q&A. These webinars are designed to assist users in becoming comfortable with the technology platform that forms the backbone of the Feonix MaaS system. In addition to the scheduled webinars, a Technical Support team is available during normal business hours to help with urgent questions and needs.

Optional MaaS Enhancements - Additional Program Costs Apply

Volunteer Driver Program Coordination


Let us help you organize the driver applications, interviews, background checks and take care of the insurance, it's the easy button way to launch a volunteer driver program.

Call Center Set-up Support


Want us to help you set up your call center and script?  Have something started, but want to add a custom number or perhaps introduce a software that has a script.  We can help get you set up for success.

Marketing & Outreach


You are busy enough and graphic design, social media, website development, video creation, etc. while important may not be in your wheel house.  We're happy to work along side you to craft a plan that fits your mission and your budget.

Prepwork - Pre Masterclass: Inventory & Defining the Need


Identifying Stakeholders - Finding Local Champions - July 16 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

In this online workshop, individuals will learn the importance of involving a diverse group of people in the process of building Mobility as a Service. Some contacts are obvious, like the Director of the public transportation service, but others, like an HR representative from a major manufacturing facility, are not as obvious. Feonix will help communities identify who they already have at the table, who they need at the table, and tips on how to elicit participation from key players.


Quantifying Needs in the Community - Where do we start? - July 18 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

While the list of individuals that need transportation is never-ending, a successful Mobility as a Service operation involves breaking the need into categories and working within the context of each category. From healthcare to employment to leisure, all transportation needs have value and importance. Feonix has developed a tool that will help a community identify the greatest need. Determining the greatest need within a community helps focus the community’s efforts. Once established, Mobility as a Service can serve all those in need.

MaaS Masterclass: July 23-25, 2019 | Lincoln, NE


At Feonix, we recognize that an idea as important as Mobility as a Service deserves an intense amount of consideration and dedication. It is true that most of the training content can be delivered through online workshops. Some of the material, however, is better suited for in-person delivery with limited distractions and a supportive cohort of individuals from various locations working on similar projects. 

That is why the Mobility by Design program incorporates a 3 day in-person MaaS Masterclass in Feonix’s hometown of Lincoln, NE.  During the Mastercalss, one participant from each community will receive in-depth training on the  technology that makes the Mobility as a Service framework possible, work with other communities in the Masterclass to brainstorm best practices for volunteer driver recruitment, plan a marketing and outreach strategy, discuss legal and insurance issues, design a Mobility Leadership Circle, complete experiential disability awareness training, and get a jump-start on finding funding and sustainability. 

We understand that a community may want to send more than one person to the Masterclass so that a team can work together on their MaaS operation. We feel, however, that the cooperation between members of the cohort from various locations provides an invaluable perspective upon which to build each MaaS operation. Each session will be recorded so that the project lead can share any or all information with his or her team at a later date.

Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE


TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

9:00am-12:30pm   Step by Step MaaS Deployment Model (3rd Floor Blue)

9:00am-10:00am   Establishing Contacts and Identifying the Need

- What is the biggest transportation need in your community?

- Were there any unexpected findings?

- Are there contacts with whom you need help connecting?

10:00am-11:00am Creating Community Buy-in

- Focus Groups

- Mobility Leadership Circle Meeting 

- Individual Meetings                              

11:00am-11:20am Break 

11:20am-12:30pm Launching the Service

- Set-up the Technology 

- Seal the deal with Transportation Providers

- Recruit Volunteer Drivers

- Advertise the Service to Agencies and Passengers          


12:30pm-1:30pm   Lunch (provided) 

1:30pm-5:00pm     Technology Overview 

1:30pm-2:00pm     Basic Technology Description and Demonstration

2:00pm-2:45pm     Requesting a Ride

2:45pm-3:00pm     Break 

3:00pm-4:00pm     Setting up Communities

4:00pm-5:00pm     Setting up Providers


9:00am-12:30pm   Technology Follow-up and Set-up 

9:00am-9:45am      Question and Answer about the Technology

9:45am-10:45am    Technology Work Session

10:45am- 11:00am Break

11:00am-12:30pm  Technology Work Session

12:30pm-1:30pm    Lunch (provided)

1:30pm-5:00pm     Marketing, Mobility Leadership Circles, and Volunteer Drivers 

1:30pm-3:00pm      Marketing

- Creating a Program Name Ex: Winnebago Catch a Ride

- Identifying the Purpose of the marketing effort (Rider recruitment, building public support, volunteer driver recruitment, etc.)

- Where do you get the highest return on investment?

- Best Practices

3:00pm-3:15pm      Break

3:15pm-4:00pm      Mobility Leadership Circles

- What is the purpose?

- Who should be on it?

- Logistics: Where? How often? How long?

- First Meeting Agenda

4:00pm-5:00pm      Volunteer Drivers

- Requirements

- Recruitment Strategies

- On-boarding

- Compensation

- Retention


9:00am-12:30pm   Legal and Insurance Issues

9:00am-10:30am    Legal

- Memorandums of Understanding

- Accidents- Who’s responsible? 

- Big Picture- No way to eliminate risk, but it can be reduced.

10:30am-11:00am  Break

11:00am-12:30pm  Insurance

- Transportation Provider Insurance- Confirm coverage

- Volunteer Driver Insurance- Personal Policy coverage State by State

- Non-profit Partners (shared vehicles, volunteer drivers, etc.)

12:30pm-1:30pm    Lunch (provided)

1:30pm-5:00pm     Experiential Disability Sensitivity Workshop

Through a partnership with the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, the MaaS Masterclass includes a workshop that allows participants to gain an deeper empathetic understanding of physical, developmental, and learning disabilities. The hands-on activity-based workshop is designed to demonstrate how difficult and complex using public transit can be for individuals with disabilities. Ultimately, participants see how, given the right tools and adaptations, individuals with disabilities can accomplish everyday tasks, be successful, and lead independent lives.


Online Workshops - Post MasterClass


Small Business 101 - Working with Taxis, Specialty Services & Regulations - July 30 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

Every successful MaaS implementation involves working with existing transportation providers to build a sustainable transportation ecosystem. Each provider has a unique set of services and a unique set of needs, but all of them serve the community. It is important to anticipate the pitfalls (i.e. What do you do when a taxi company does not do any business on a computer?) so that you can plan for them and present solutions when asking for a partnership.


NEMT 101 - Understanding the Nuances & Niches - August 6 - 1:00 PM CT - 2:30 PM

NEMT stands for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. In certain instances, Medicaid and Medicare cover transportation costs for individuals to receive medical care. The transportation providers that fulfill those trips are called NEMT providers. This type of transportation has its own set of rules and regulations, and it is important that Mobility Managers have a basic understanding of NEMT. However, while Mobility as a Service may involve NEMT services, Mobility as a Service is much more extensive than NEMT alone.


Handling Complaints & Possible Complications - August 13 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

No amount of hard work or good intentions will lead to perfection in a MaaS implementation. At some point, every Project Lead will have to deal with a complaint or complication. This workshop will prepare individuals to handle some of the most common occurrences and provide tips for dealing with the unknown.


Capturing Stories & Metrics for Success - August 20 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

How a community achieves mobility freedom for all will vary from place to place, but the reason why a community enrolls in the Mobility by Design program is always about people. A community wants more options for Fred when he travels to his chemotherapy. Another community wants to help Mary get to the grocery store. Still another strives to bring an end to drug addiction by providing convenient transportation to and from treatment. Continued success of Mobility as a Service depends on a community’s ability to capture the stories and share the success with key stakeholders. Feonix will outline best practices for demonstrating success.


Recruiting New Partners - August 27 - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM CT

A successful Mobility as a Service operation is one in which there are multiple transportation providers fulfilling trips for several individuals across many organizations. When building Mobility as a Service, there may be just one or two organizations within a community on board, but the goal is to continuously add organizational partners to the platform so that all can share in the mobility freedom. This workshop examines strategies for engaging new partners at different stages of the MaaS implementation.


Foundations & Fundraising - September 10 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

One of the most challenging components of a Mobility as a Service operation is determining who holds responsibility for paying for the trips. The individuals that need the service the most are sometimes the ones that cannot afford to pay for the trips. In some instances, an organization covers the cost of the trips for clients with a demonstrated financial need. Sometimes the individuals have the resources to pay for a ride but do not have a way to transport themselves. When the ride is not covered, and an individual cannot pay, the need to get creative surfaces. There are organizations that have money for transportation. Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing where to look and how to ask. This workshop outlines sources of funding and some tips for implementing a fundraising strategy that gets results.


Open Request - Members Decide - September 17 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

With several workshops and the MaaS Mastercall complete, we feel that it is time to take a step back and digest all that has been presented. While members of the Feonix team are always here to answer questions, this is a formal time set aside to ask the members of the Mobility by Design Cohort if there is a topic that needs further explanation or a new topic that isn’t part of the Mobility by Design training but has come up in a community.


Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn - September 24 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

Likes, Shares, and Connections define success in the social media space. The more engagement, the better. Digital platforms can be an effective way to communicate with the community, if used correctly. Through our experience across multiple communities to date, we have learned what people like and what they don’t like, what they are likely to ignore and what makes them engage. This workshop is all about using social media and digital strategies to your advantage when building your Mobility as a Service operation.


Publicity in the form of Public Relations- Presentations, Radio, Newspaper - October 1 - 1:00 - 2:30 PM CT

Mobility as a Service (MaaS). We at Feonix are willing to bet that when you mention those words to people in the community that have not been part of the Mobility by Design process, you get blank or confused looks. Mobility as a Service is not a household term (yet!). One of the greatest hurdles to overcome in a community will be that of educating the public. Using community assets like the Rotary Club, Optimist Club, local radio shows, and the local newspaper is an important component of community buy-in. We will give you the tips and tools necessary to effectively spread the MaaS message.

MaaS Technology

Online Platform


Book rides from any browser for yourself, loved ones, or a client in less than 30 seconds - view your options and select your trip.

Andriod & iOS App


When you're on the go, download our Feonix MaaS app from the iOS or Android app store and book your ride.

Call Center Platform


They can call us, or they can call you to book their ride.  Set-up your own organization's call center or partner with Feonix to provide support.

Training & Priority Support

Community Platform - Admin Training Offered Weekly


Explore our web-based technology platform and discover how to manage adding new members and users, learning how to update an account, how to associate with new providers, and how to select the correct provider. Become proficient on running and downloading reports, canceling and editing rides, and set specific advanced mobility options for your members such as “wheelchair accessible”  or "door to door support".

Transportation Provider - Dispatch Training Offered Weekly


 Master your rides with our web-based technology. Learn how to add your services and drivers, update your profile, how to run and download reports, how to update individual trip mileage, how to view trip details, and how to change the status of a trip to canceled or no-show all from your computer, tablet or other web-based devices. 

Priority Customer Support


Our team is here to work with your organization to ensure that the technology meets your needs and best serves your community. We guarantee excellent customer service when dealing with technology glitches and will work to ensure the problem is fixed as quickly as possible.

Weekly Coaching

Step - by - Step Support

Each week your community will meet and spend an hour with one of Feonix's senior mobility manager's in providing support, brainstorming, coordinating any technical issues, marketing, or call center needs.  Under this program, from August 2019 - July 2020 - each week, Feonix will be working with your organization to ensure your community's success.  This program is not about quick fixes or selling software.  We are genuinely committed to supporting mobility enhancement and helping you reach the specific goals you set for your community.

Kate Schramm


Kate Schramm graduated Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) with a B.S. in Biology from the University of South Dakota. Kate specializes in building connections and creating partnerships within communities to create effective change. She has worked for non-profits, educational institutions, religious institutions, and most recently as an Area Manager for Liberty Mobility Now, a rural-focused (MaaS) Mobility as a Service start-up. 

Instituting positive change in her home community has always been a way of life for Kate. She continues to volunteer as a board member for the transit system in her hometown, Yankton Transit. In addition to Yankton Transit, Kate is on the board for Keep Yankton Beautiful and volunteers with United Way LINC and SPARK, Pathways Shelter for the Homeless, the City of Yankton Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Optimist Club. Kate has made it her personal and professional mission to use her desire to serve and ability to lead to put all of the necessary pieces together to remove mobility barriers and create positive mobility solutions in communities around the world.

John Doherty


John has a degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and spent 5 years working in advertising and sales for He is also a veteran and Sargent in the US Air Force. Recently, John was selected by the Air Force Medical Operations Agency and the National Guard Bureau to manage the digitization of separating military member’s service treatment records for the entire Air National Guard. 

Mr. Doherty has also served as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the triage tent in a mobile ER during hurricane Harvey. The leadership skills, as well as unique background John brings to the table will be an invaluable asset to Feonix and our Mobility by Design communities.

Introductory Pricing

Feonix is launching our comprehensive Mobility by Design program with the most affordable MaaS pricing in the industry.  The program is predominately designed for low-population dense communities or larger communities with specialty focus areas.   A minimum 1 year commitment is required.

Set-up & Launch: $10,000/One Time

The set-up covers the intensive program set-up, hands on learning master-class, and support in launching MaaS in your community.

Education, Consulting, & Support: $2,000/Month

For 12 months our team is with you - step by step, to help you launch MaaS in your community.  Each week you'll meet with Kate or John and our Program Lead to provide you support, brainstorm solutions, and make sure you are seeing results.  We're also providing 9 intensive hands on workshops designed specifically for the communities who sign-up. These workshops are only open to program participants.

Booking Fee: Online & App Based: $1.75/Trip

For each trip booked online through the Feonix MaaS platform or through the app, there is a technology fee of $1.75.  In some communities they pass all or part of this expense onto the rider. You are welcome to join the MBD program even if you already have a platform in place or are reviewing your options. 

Ready to sign-up? Space is limited!