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Feonix Provides a One-Stop-Shop Mobility Solution

Every small urban and rural community faces gaps in transportation. Some gaps in service are based on time of travel, accessibility needs, or zip-code.  Sometimes there is no service at all – not a single bus, Lyft, or taxi available within 50 miles.

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Mobility by Design (MBD) is here to help you and your community fill these gaps with affordable, community-based, sustainable transportation options that combine plans for state-of-the-art technology, insurance, funding, and outreach to create an all-encompassing mobility solution. 

 In many of our communities, transportation improvement has been identified as a top need for years, in some cases even decades. Feonix works step-by-step with community experts to solve your transportation challenges.  It does not happen overnight.  It happens with effort and community support.  Together, one ride at a time, we break down barriers – changing lives, reducing mobility costs, and improving community resilience. 

With MBD, community providers will no longer run into deadends when linking neighbors in need with resources or care to support their independence. No more lining up medical-care for someone, only to find out they have no way to get there-and-back.  No more job placement disrupted by inadequate transportation. No more scouring hundreds of websites reviewing transportation regulations and policies just have more questions and fewer solutions.  

Together, through MBD, we can increase access to care, employment, and more.

What You Get Inside Mobility by Design

Comprehensive Plan


No more guessing, hoping, or spinning your wheels – the MBD team will help you create a plan that is realistic, attainable, and effective in achieving your goals.

Collaborative Coaching


Now that you have a plan, we’re going to be with you every step of the way. Our success is your success, and we care about you and your community.

Technology & Training

Feonix can offer a one-click, one-call ride booking platform that eliminates high up-front costs and set-up fees. 

Time-Saving Resources

Time is your most valuable resource.  MBD Members get exclusive access to time-saving resources, adapted to meet their community’s needs.  Rider recruitment, volunteer driver onboarding, insurance policy examples, etc.


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We collaborate with local experts to understand needs, identify stakeholders, and create a sustainable transportation solution for each community we support. This means: 

  • Increasing efficiency for the existing transportation ecosystem 
  • Mobilizing a volunteer driver program as needed
  • Innovating new technology to improve the transportation experience. In addition to local partners, we have an extensive network of global experts to assist in tackling broader transportation initiatives and developing new technology.

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