Mobility as a Service in Action

AARP Ride@50+℠ Program Combines 10 Public and Private Transportation Options

Just over a year ago a pilot to deploy Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for older adults first launched. Developed by AARP Driver Safety and powered by Feonix – Mobility Rising, the AARP Ride@50+ Program offers Columbia, South Carolina residents access to find and book local transportation options like Lyft, taxis, volunteer drivers, or wheelchair accessible van via smart phone app, online booking platform, or call center. 

This pilot is deploying MaaS with an emphasis on accessibility.  

Click here to read about the people we’re helping and community leaders we are working closely with to support older adults and caregivers in Columbia.  

Check out the AARP Ride@50+ Program website at


Michigan Mobility Challenge Grant

Disability Awareness Training for Transportation Agencies

As much as we love technology, it is not the panacea to all problems in changing the quality of our mobility experiences.  As part of Feonix’s award from the Michigan Department of Transportation, along with our Connect Technology, we proposed hands-on, interactive, emotionally engaging educational programs for transportation professionals.  

We partnered with the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living to create a training program that engages the hearts and minds of participants, providing education on visible and invisible disabilities. Today, we have provided that training to over 60 public transit fixed route, paratransit drivers with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority as well as several Uber drivers.  

The results and feedback from the drivers have been stunning! 

Check out the brief video below highlighting the participants reaction to our first training.  

Click here to learn more about the full Michigan Mobility Challenge project.


Transportation Professionals Feedback on Disability Awareness Training for Transportation Agencies (DATTA)

Volunteer Driver Service Coming to Nebraska Panhandle

Connecting Rural Transit Options and Filling Gaps in Service

The Nebraska Panhandle covers 14,181 square miles and is home to over 88,000 of the hardest working and most generous souls on earth.  The Panhandle Trails Intercity Bus service is working with Feonix in our Mobility by Design program to launch a new service called “Panhandle Connect” – which, thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Department of Transportation, will enable seniors and individuals with disabilities to “connect” with existing municipal and intercity public transit options in the region. 

Regardless of where they reside, whether inside city or county service boundaries or more remote rural areas, improving access to medical care, groceries, and vital social services and activities are top priorities for the program.  

This is an innovative “frontier” first and last mile pilot program that demonstrates the beauty of community and the strength of public transit collaboration and coordination in the state.  

We look forward to sharing more about this program as they launch their first rides! 


New Partnership with Center for Independent Living

Providing Rides and Filling Transportation Gaps in Service

Across the United States, you would be hard pressed to find a community that has had more “studies” done about the need for transportation than the Coastal Bend of Texas.  The past 30 years, report after report, transportation has been identified as a top need. 

This summer, after a planning grant with the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center, and a contract with the Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living (CBCIL) - Feonix launched Mobility as a Service and our volunteer driver program. 

Just a few months in, we’ve provided hundreds of rides ranging in distance from 2 to 362 miles.  In addition, we’re actively pursuing partnerships to address public health challenges in the Colonia’s of Nueces County.   Thousands of families living without power, drinking contaminated water – just minutes outside of town. 

Interested in joining us?  Visit our project website to learn more.   


Evening News Features Volunteers Providing Rides to Work

Winnebago County is booming with economic development.  New jobs are being created daily and with that comes the need for more individuals to enter the workforce.  However, in small urban and rural communities, a common challenge is transportation, especially to industrial parks during early morning and late night shifts.  Thanks to the Winnebago Catch-a-Ride (WCAR) program, volunteers are filling those gaps in service in addition to partnering with local taxi businesses and Lyft drivers to fill in the gaps in service.  

The WCAR program is a community effort and true partnership led by the East Central Regional Planning Commission,  Make The Ride Happen a program Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper MI, and Feonix.  

Recently, one of the community partner programs, the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation, was featured on the evening news with a ride along with one of the volunteer drivers.

Check out the new story here and visit the project web page to meet some of the drivers and learn more about this innovative rural employment pilot. 


Open Enrollment for Mobility by Design

Is your community searching for transportation solutions for access to care or employment? Feonix specializes in addressing challenges that face vulnerable users in small urban and rural regions and have created a new program called “Mobility by Design” that is a one stop shop for planning, technology, marketing, and more.  

Click here to learn more about Mobility by Design!


Empowering the New Mobility Workforce

Educating, Training, and Inspiring Future Transportation Professionals

Feonix Board Chair, Flora Castillo, and Executive Director, Valerie Lefler had the opportunity and honor to co-author a chapter on the future 4.6 million members of the transportation workforce as it relates to serving seniors and individuals with disabilities. In addition, the chapter discusses the importance of being culturally competent and understanding complex care needs.  

The book explores how leaders in education, industry and government can work together to create an ecosystem that facilitates learning and upskilling for emerging and incumbent transportation workers. Readers will learn how to conduct labor market analyses and develop competency models to adapt their workforce. 

We are eternally grateful to our editor, Dr. Tyler Reeb, Director of Research and Workforce Development, Center for International Trade and Transportation at Long Beach State University for his leadership and support throughout the process.  Interested in learning more about this innovative textbook? 

 Check it out on Amazon here!


Recent Presentations

Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference

Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference

Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference


 In Rolla, Missouri, Feonix Executive Director, Valerie Lefler, had the opportunity to co-present with Shawn J. Leight, P.E., PTOE, PTP, FITE Vice President of CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners on leveraging transportation and technology to improve health outcomes.  

The breakout session was a packed house, with over 150 in attendance.   The session was focused on a variety of engineering practices and technology innovations that today and in the future will impact social determinates of health.  

AARP & AAA Aging & Mobility Roundtable

Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference

Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference


 In Washington DC, AARP Driver Safety & AAA get together on a quarterly basis to bring together transportation professionals in the industry to discuss ground breaking programs and industry trends on improving mobility for older adults.  

This summer, Feonix was invited to share about the AARP Ride@50+ Program as well as further discuss our other initiatives in small urban and rural communities. 

Valerie was joined by Abray Stillson, AARP Driver Safety Program Manager in the presentation. 

Additional speakers and topics at the event can be found by clicking here. 

Upcoming Presentations


ITS World Congress

 October 21 - 25, 2019 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore

Mobility-as-a-Service Beyond Western Cities: Rural Areas, Developing Countries and Megacities 


Move America

May 12 - 13, 2020 at the Palmer Events Centre, Austin, Texas

Serving the Forgotten Market