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The fabric of rural and urban America is woven together by people helping people. Right now, in your community, someone needs medicine, nutrition, employment, or family support. But without adequate transportation, those needs will go unfilled due to lack of access. Community leaders know this and work to weave together collaborative systems that create transportation systems to meet everyone’s needs.

Feonix – Mobility Rising is a non-profit that offers a deep understanding of transportation ecosystems and a commitment to community organizing to increase mobility for all. We know how to unify transportation innovation and compassionate community stakeholders so that every individual in your community can be empowered to live their best life. 

Without intentional transportation design, our neighbors can slip through the cracks. The only way to the other side is through. Let Feonix – Mobility Rising guide your journey toward a more connected, engaged, empowered community. Together we work, together we rise.


Creating mobility solutions around the common goal of transportation for all.

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Feonix Wellness

AARP Ride@50+ Program

Winnebago Catch-A-Ride

West Michigan Veterans Coalition Transportation Pilot

MI Ride Paratransit

ADAPT Online Training 

Help us transform lives today.

 Together we can eliminate the devastation that a lack of transportation can cause in the lives of our neighbors.